Staff Resources
Special Education
Holly Post Director Ext.2026
Jill Markley Secretary to the Director Ext. 2039

The Northern Burlington County Regional School District dedicates its educational programs to the preparation of all students. This mission embraces the assumptions that learning is life-long and that growth is developmental. This mission directs all programs to: establish the competencies necessary to promote appreciation and tolerance of cultural diversity and enhanced social consciousness; and promote critical and creative thinking to provide students with the problem-solving skills necessary to pursue learning throughout life. The Northern Burlington County Regional School District is committed to the success of all students and strives to develop the competence and self-confidence in each student necessary to lead a productive and satisfying life in a world of new technologies.
The Department of Special Services supports the Northern Burlington County Regional School District’s Philosophy of Education. We believe in providing a variety of special education program options, which include in-class support (ICS), pull out replacement classes, resource support classes and a Multiple Disabilities/Autistic program.

The Special Services Department is comprised of 6 Child Study Team members, 1 Speech/Language Therapist, 1 Behavioral Therapist, 2 Related Services personnel, 12 High School Special Education teachers, 12 Middle School Special Education teachers and 23 Instructional Assistants. The Special Services Department is committed to providing individual educational programs and support services to students whose unique needs extend beyond regular education programming.