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Extracurricular Activities

High School Extracurricular Activities Booklet (PDF)

Athletic Director - Mr. Uszaki

Fall Winter Spring
Football Basketball (Boys) Baseball
Soccer (Boys) Basketball (Girls) Softball
Soccer (Girls) Wrestling Track (Boys/Girls)
Field Hockey Track (Boys/Girls) Tennis (Boys)
Cross Country (Boys/Girls) Bowling (Boys/Girls) Golf
Tennis (Girls) Swimming (Boys/Girls) Lacrosse (Boys/Girls)
Volleyball (Girls JV & V) Student Athletic Trainer Student Athletic Trainer
Student Athletic Trainer Special Olympics Bowling
(Do Not Need to NJSIAA


Students learn basic care of athletic injuries. They will work with Fall, Winter, and Spring sports teams. Advisor - Ms. Cearfoss

Other Activities not included in the pamphlet

Activity Director - Mr. Cataline

All State Chorus

Advisor(s): Mr. Taylor

Grades open to:  All

Membership:  Student choir members may audition

Description:  Choral students compete at a high level of individual competitions against the best of South Jersey 

Special Events:  Monthly competitions

Meetings: One Saturday a month (November-January)

Blue & Grey 

Advisor(s):  Ms. Corcoran and Ms. Mystrena

Grades open to: All

Membership: Open to all students that are in good standing

Description: Blue and Grey Night is an annual school wide competition held in March. The entire school is divided into two teams: the Blue Team are those whose last names begin with the letters A-K and the Grey Team is compromised of those whose last names begin with the letters L-Z. Both students and staff are assigned to a team. Prior to Blue and Grey Night, there are two weeks of in-class and after school competitions. Both students and staff compete on the last night of competitions, Blue and Grey Night.

Special Events: Blue and Grey Night

Meetings: TBD

Chess Club

Advisor(s):  Mr. Ramamurthy

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Open to all students at any time

Description: Students will have the opportunity to learn and play chess

Special Events: TBD

Meetings: Every Tuesday

Class of 2018 Council

Advisor(s):  Ms. VanArsdale and Ms. McWilliams

Grades open to:  Class of 2018

Membership: Officers are elected; anyone from the class can attend meetings

Description:  Community building and fundraising for the Class of 2018

Special Events:  Spirit week, Homecoming, Fundraisers, Semi-Formal, Senior Trip, Mr. Northern

Meetings: Almost every day after school in weeks before major events; other days as needed

Class of 2019 Council

Advisor(s):  Ms. Duff & Ms. Lejnar

Grades open to:  Class of 2019

Membership: Officers are elected; anyone from the class can attend meetings

Description:  Community building and fundraising for the Class of 2019

Special Events:  Homecoming, Fundraisers, Prom

Meetings: As needed

Class of 2020 Council

Advisor(s):  Ms. Lakhia

Grades open to:  Class of 2020

Membership: Officers are elected; anyone from the class can attend meetings

Description:  Community building and fundraising for the Class of 2020

Special Events:  Homecoming, Fundraisers, Semi-formal

Meetings: As needed

Class of 2021 Council

Advisor(s):  Ms. Farley

Grades open to:  Class of 2021

Membership: Officers are elected; anyone from the class can attend meetings

Description:  Community building and fundraising for the Class of 2021

Special Events:  Homecoming, Fundraisers, Semi-formal

Meetings: As needed

Debate Team

Advisor(s):  Mr. Coleman

Grades open to: All

Membership:  All students can attend and compete

Description: Develop academic skills and use them competitively

Special Events:  Compete in the South Jersey Debate League

Meetings:  Mostly Tuesday & Wednesdays (mid October-mid March)other days as needed

Deborah Heart Challenge Team (Pilot)

Advisor(s):  Ms. Repasy

Grades open to: All

Membership:  Students compete for one of five spots on the Heart Challenge team

Description: The Deborah Heart Challenge is a game show style academic challenge held at Pemberton High School and hosted by the Deborah Heart and Lung Center in February. Students compete in teams of five against other schools answering questions about the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as heart health, blood, and nutrition. Cash prizes are awarded. 

Special Events:  Deborah Heart Challenge & Art Competition- held the last Sunday in February

Meetings:  The team will meet once or twice a month initially, and then weekly as the challenge date gets closer

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America)

Advisor(s):  Ms. Nadolny

Grades open to: All

Membership: Students enrolled in marketing classes; students may choose to be a paid state and national member

Description: Participate in civic conscious projects, earn funds to support sending representative to regional, state, and international conferences

Special Events:  Talent Show, DECA Activity Night

Meetings: During class

Design & Computer Club

Advisor(s):  Mr. Potts

Grades open to: All

Membership: Open to all students at any time

Description: An introduction to computer applications, graphics programs, and lab equipment. These include screen printing equipment, vinyl cutters, laser engraver, button maker, etc. Students can work on their own special projects of getting involved with several of the production jobs that pass through the lab

Special Events: T-Shirt design and printing; Trophy and award production.

Meetings: Wednesday afternoons

NJ Drama & Forensics League (NJDFL)

Advisor(s):  Mr. Knighten (Certified Sub) and Mr. Wylie (Volunteer)

Grades open to: All

Membership: Any student interested in performing & competing

Description:  Perform and participate in theatrical and forensic (speaking) events/competitions.

Special Events: Several competitions throughout the year

Meetings:  At least three days a week (September—March)

Fall Play

Advisor(s):  Ms. Gargus

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Auditions held on first Tuesday of school (Get audition packets from the main office or Ms. Gargus during Freshman Orientation or on the first day of school). 

Description:  To be a part of a non-musical production

Special Events:  Fall play

Meetings:  Everyday (September—first week in December)

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

Advisor(s):  Ms. Retzbach

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Students enrolled in business classes; official FBLA membership requires dues

Description: Students are educated for and about business through innovative leadership and career development programs

Special Events:  Community service, Regional & State Conferences & Competitions

Meetings:  3rd Thursday of the month

FFA (Future Farmers of America)

Advisor(s):  Mr. Dannucci, Ms. Hamilton, Mr. Hayes & Mr. Bouchelle

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Students enrolled in an agriculture class and anyone who pays dues

Description:  Promotes leadership, personal growth, and career success; scholar programs in agriculture

Special Events:  FFA Week, Chapter Banquet, FFA National Convention, Eastern States Exposition, FFA Career Development Events, State FFA Convention and Chapter Officer Leadership Camp

Meetings:  1st Wednesday of the month—Officer Meeting, 3rd Wednesday of the month—Chapter Meeting

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

Advisor(s): Ms. Mystrena

Grades open to: All

Membership: Open to all students at any time

Description: The Gay-Straight Alliance strives to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere in which students may meet, socialize, and support one another.  Our alliance promotes tolerance, understanding, and acceptance.  We desire to end the discrimination, bullying, and prejudice associated with gender and sexual orientation.

Special Events: Matthew Sheppard commemoration in October, GSA Pride week, LGBT History month celebrations throughout October, recognition of World AIDS Day in December, Ally Week in January, Day of Silence in April.

Meetings: 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month

Greenhouse Club

Advisor(s): Mr. Dannucci

Grades open to: All

Membership: Any students at any time during the year

Description: Students explore their interests in plants, while developing growing techniques and produce items for sale to generate funds for activities and charity

Special Events: Produce plants for interest, gifts, and fundraisers; proceeds fund trips to Longwood Gardens and are donated to community service charities

Meetings: 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month

Habitat for Humanity

Advisor (s): Mr. Hischak

Grades open to:  11-12 (need to be 16+ in age)

Membership: Anyone and everyone can attend meetings and participate in our local Day Builds. Sign-ups will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Description: Northern is partnering with the local Burlington County Habitat for Humanity Chapter that works on building homes throughout the Burlington County community. Our role is to provide a volunteer work force where students gain invaluable real life experiences in basic construction skills as well as camaraderie.

Special Events: Local day builds with the Burlington County Habitat for Humanity chapter will be scheduled throughout the year.

Meetings: Second Wednesdays of every month; other days as needed


Advisor(s):  Ms. Watterson

Grades open to:  All

Membership:  Any student who attends meetings regularly

Description: Interact is a service organization that works in conjunction with Rotary International to organize community and international service projects.

Special Events:  Ten Thousand Villages Sale, Relay for Life, Care Bags for Kids, nursing home party

Meetings: Twice monthly

Jazz Band

Advisor(s): Mr. Lindner

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Students enrolled in band class or band program; audition required

Description: Opportunity to cover unique styles of music such as Swing, Blues, Latin, Rock, and Funk

Special Events:  HS/MS Jazz Band Concert in mid-March

Meetings:  Tuesdays and Thursdays (end of November—mid March)

Jazz Ensemble

Advisor(s): Mr. Lindner

Grades open to:  Any student enrolled in band or choir class

Membership: Audition required

Description: Opportunity to perform and experience the Jazz genre

Special Events:  Jazz festivals, Concert, Arts Day, Senior Awards Banquet

Meetings:  Mondays & Wednesdays (November- April)

Literary Magazine - Kaleidoscope

Advisor(s):  Ms. Sampson

Grades open to: All

Membership:  Any student can participate; staff/editorial positions are by election

Description:  Compile preview, edit submissions, layout and design, publication of Kaleidoscope (NBC’s literary magazine)

Special Events: Publication of Kaleidoscope

Meetings:  Announced Thursdays (October - May)

Marching Band

Advisor(s):  Mr. Lindner

Grades open to: Students enrolled in music, band, or choir; grades 8 - 12 for the Color Guard

Membership:  Audition required

Description:  Focuses on teamwork, goal setting, and mental & physical preparation for performances at every football game and at USSBA competitions

Special Events:  Football games, USSBA Circuit competitions, North Hanover Memorial Day Parade, Mansfield Twp. Field Day Parade, trips

Meetings:  Everyday (August—November)

Math Team

Advisor(s):  Mr. Newman

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Open to anyone

Description:  Competitions and practice/tutoring sessions are meant to make math a more enjoyable experience for any students interested in trying

Special Events:  Compete against other Burlington County schools

Meetings:  Tuesdays (Throughout the year)

Mock Trial

Advisor(s):  Ms. Lasko

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Any student who can commit the time to prepare for the competition

Description: Using a mock criminal or civil case supplied by the NJ Bar Association, students acting as lawyers, witnesses, and jurors prepare both a defense and a prosecution case and compete against other high school teams in New Jersey.  Competition season begins in January and ends in February.

Meetings:  The case is released in late September; initially, meetings are once a week until 3:30. Beginning November, meetings increase as we cast roles and work with our lawyer –adviser and meeting times expand to 5:30. 

National Art Honor Society (NAHS)

Advisor(s):  Ms. McGee

Grades open to:  Grades 10, 11,12

Membership:  Pre-requisite includes completion of an art course and being at the top of the art class.  Students should be willing to participate in all chapter activities; each art teacher nominates inductees who satisfy the criteria

Description:  Advocacy for the visual arts; students also plan and carry out service projects

Special Events:  Homecoming carnival, bake sale, Fall Coffee House, Pep rally face painting event, Valentine's Day Coffee House, NAHS Induction, AP Art Show

Meetings:  One Thursday a month; others as needed

National Honor Society (NHS)

Advisor(s):  Mr.  Newman

Grades open to:  Juniors and Seniors

Membership: A minimum of a 91% GPA and 93% or above for Class of 2018 and recommendations from teachers and counselors; students are voted into NHS

Description:  Service, scholarship, and leadership activities

Special Events:  Blood Drive, community service projects, academic scholarships, and tutoring/mentoring program for students

Meetings: 1st Wednesday of the month; others as needed

Newspaper - Blueprint

Advisor(s):  Ms. Bush and Ms. Sampson

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Students have to complete a written article to be included in the club

Description:  Opportunity to write creatively and journalistically and publish the school newspaper to inform student body of relevant information

Special Events:  Publication of Blueprint (the school newspaper)

Meetings:  3rd Thursday of the month; as needed


Advisor(s):  Mr. Potts

Grades open to:  All

Membership:  Open to all students

Description:  Students work in a darkroom and use Photoshop software, and students see the photographic process and how composition is vital to visual presentation; students also work on graphic design

Special Events:  Photogram, SLR cameras, work in a darkroom facility,

graphic design

Meetings: Open lab 4 to 5 days a week throughout the year


Advisor(s):  Ms. McCaughey & Mr. Newman

Grades open to:  All

Membership:  Anyone can join

Description: Renaissance activities reward and recognize as many of the staff and students at NBC as possible throughout the year

Special Events: Carnation Sale, Silent Auction, Smart Cookie, Renaissance cards, Scrip Gift Card, Birthday Brigade, Greyhound Choice awards, Staff breakfast, and End-of-the-year barbeque

Meetings:  One Tuesday a month; others as needed

Robotics Club

Advisor(s):  Mr. Chilkotowsky & Mr. Johnson

Grades open to:  All

Membership:  All students at any time

Description: Robotics Club is a team of mechanics, programmers, and organizers working together to compete in the First Tech Challenge, a fast-paced sporting event involving robots constructed to perform a certain task. Members learn about structural and mechanical engineering, data collection with sensors and electronics, and programming robotic control as they design, build, and operate a robot to complete a challenge. First Tech Challenge is a national competition that takes place each year and has regional and state level events. Currently over 6000 teams from across the USA compete. The competition season starts in September and runs through April, and Robotics club spends the remainder of the year passing on knowledge and prepping for the next season.

Special Events:  Competitions on Saturdays or Sundays from 7am-5pm

Meetings:  Wednesday until 5:30

Science League

Advisor(s):  Ms. Watterson

Grades open to:  All

Membership:  All students at any time

Description:  Enhance the student’s involvement in science

Special Events:  Science Competitions

Meetings:  Various times throughout the year with competitions in January, February, March & April.

SFERE (Students for Earth Recovery Everywhere)

Advisor(s): Ms. Kirchner

Grades open to:  All

Membership:  Open to all students at any time

Description:  Increasing recycling awareness throughout the school and creating an overall awareness of individual impact on the Earth

Special Events: Earth Day Carnival and ink cartridge recycling

Meetings:  1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month

Social Club

Advisor(s):  Ms. Murphy

Grades open to:  All

Membership:  All students at any time

Description:  A casual after school club that provides opportunities for students who would not interact in the course of the school day to meet, play games, watch movies, and relax.

Special Events:  Trivia games, trips to movies, sports

Meetings:  Monthly

Special Olympics

Advisor(s):  Ms. Barbadoro

Grades open to:  All Middle and High School students

Membership: Students who meet criteria for eligible disabilities (as determined by the Special Olympics NJ) can compete

Description:  Bowling, track & field practices and competitions; Special Olympics NJ competitions

Special Events: Bowling, Track & Field competitions in January through  

Meetings: Bowling practices are on Mondays (October to mid-January); Track & Field practices on Monday & Wednesdays  (Mid-March  to May); competitions are on Saturdays

Spring Musical

Advisor(s):  Ms. Huckleberry & Ms. Pirolli

Grades open to:  All

Membership: All students must audition

Description:  Musical play production

Special Events:  Spring Musical

Meetings:  One week of auditions in January; daily rehearsals from January until the spring show

Stage Crew for Spring Musical

Advisor(s):  Mr. Hirschfeld & Mr. Johnson

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Open to all students as accepted by the advisor

Description:  Building scenery for Spring Musical

Special Events:  Spring Musical

Meetings:  As needed to build the scenery for the musical

Stage Crew for Fall Play

Advisor(s):  Mr. Hirschfeld

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Open to all students as accepted by the advisor

Description:  Building scenery for Fall Play

Special Events:  Fall play

Meetings:  As needed to build the scenery for the play 

STOP (Students Together Opposing Prejudice)

Advisor(s):  Ms. VanArsdale

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Anyone may join by attending a meeting.  Attendance at the summer program and meetings determines involvement in trips and other activities; homeroom students are chosen based on dedication to the club

Description:  Students create awareness of issues of diversity; focus on sexism, racism, heterosexism, bullying, and other related issues

Special Events:  Multicultural Day, Movie Night, Fall-Unitown Program, Many Town, and student driven Action Plan chosen yearly

Meetings:  2nd Thursdays of the month and others as needed

Student Council

Advisor(s):  Ms. Kirchner & Ms. DelRusso

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Anyone can attend afternoon meetings

Description: Community service, school spirit

Special Events: Homecoming, Matchmaker, Toy Drive, Homecoming Carnival, and various other events

Meetings:  General meetings on 3rd Wednesday of the month

Summer Band

Advisor(s):  Mr. Lindner

Grades open to:  Grades 5 to 12

Membership:  Any band student

Description:  Students learn techniques on their instrument; students in our sending districts can acclimate to the NBC music program

Special Events: N/A                                                                                                 

Meetings:  Monday – Thursday for 4 weeks in the summer (end of June—end of July)

Thespian Society

Advisor(s):  Ms. Gargus

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Induction per the requirements of the International Thespian Society

Description:  This organization is designed to reward students for their work on theatrical productions including school plays and musicals.  Through activities they can increase skills in acting, directing, theatre business and production; for more information visit

Special Events: Children’s Theatre Day, Treat or Treat food drive, Comedy Improv Night, State Thespian Festival, field trips, Induction and Awards ceremony/performance

Meetings:  As needed (according to the event)


TSA (Technology Student Association)

Advisor (s) : Mr. Parker

Grades open to: All grades

Membership:  Open to all students

Description: Technology Student Association is a club that explores all technology areas from Robotics and transportation to graphic design and fashion design. Through club activities we prepare for more than 20 events at the State and National competitions; students may participate in either individually or in small groups.

Special Events :  The state competition is held in late March every year.

Meetings :  Meetings are every Tuesday in room 106 until 3:30 PM

Video Club

Advisor(s):  Mr. Pona & Mr. Dowd

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Open to all students at any time

Description:  Create “Northern TV” programs for the community

Special Events: Creation of “Northern News” TV show

Meetings:  Thursdays (throughout the year from 2:30-3:15)

Winter Guard

Advisor(s):  Ms. Benoit

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Students attend an interest meeting/first practice and three optional practices before committing to the ensemble

Description:  Students learn flag, weapon, dance basics and craft them into a four-minute show, which is refined for competitions

Special Events: Competitions throughout NJ and PA

Meetings: Tuesdays & Thursdays 6pm-9pm, Saturdays 9am-12pm (Dec– April)

Yearbook - Northern Light

Advisor(s):  Mr. Foley & Ms. Cole

Grades open to:  All

Membership: Open to all students at any time

Description:  Discuss, plan, and create the school yearbook.

Special Events: Creation of Northern Lights Yearbook                                                                                                  

Meetings 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month; others as needed