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Gina Nocon, RN, BSN, NJ-CSN
High School Nurse West
Ext. 2018

Mary Crane, RN, BSN, NJ-CSN
High School Nurse East
Ext. 2085

Trish Greene
High School Health Office Secretary
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Fax Number: (609) 324-7942


Starting in spring 2005, we have added notification to parents of children under 5% or over 95% of CDC recommended weight standards. Research now shows children are at risk for childhood obesity which predisposes them for health issues as they age.Please access the following website for additional information:

NJ Family Care provides free or low cost insurance for children and their parents/guardians. For more information or to apply please visit

Information for Parents and Student's to Help Keep Asthma Under Control.  Check This Out.

Unvaccinated children born on or before January 1, 1990 entering, attending, or transferring into a New Jersey school in Grades Nine through 12 on or after September 1, 2003 who have not completed the Hepatitis B vaccine series are eligible to attend school in provisional status following receipt of the first dose of any Hepatitis B vaccine dose. The child granted provisional status shall receive a second dose of Hepatitis B containing vaccine no later than three months after receiving the first dose and shall receive the third dose no later than 12 months following the first dose. If the child is age eligible to receive the two-dose regimen, the second and final dose shall be received no later than six months following the first dose.